1- Transport passengers across governorates

- The largest company for transporting passengers with a fleet of 800 buses of different brands fitted with air-condition ,video ,WCs and mobile seats

- Covers most governorates with an integrated network of lines offering different services which meet all needs of passengers, taking into account the social dimension.

- Number of lines operated by the company 228 with 665 buses

- Carrying out 2400 trip pen day with a daily capacity of 120000 passengers.

2- The international Transport

- connects Arab Levantine with Maghreb through international lines across the ground outlets and maritime parts:- Nowebai / Aqaba, Sofaga and Hurghada / Daba and Yanbo as well as the out lets of Salloum, Rafah and Taba.

- Transport of passengers and their lugges to 14 countries ( Jordan Kuwait Qatar Emirates Bahrain Yemen Iraq Syria Lebanon Turkey Palestine Libya Tunis ) in collaboration with travel agencies all over the Arab world.

3- Integrated Tourism:

- Acquired the license of the general tourist activity (A) 2002 which permits it the following:-

- Bring foreign tourist groups from all over the world.

- Cary out the comprehensive tourist programs both locally and abroad as well as recreational sites and tourism abroad.

- Booking tickets for air lines and vessels for all over to world.

- Organise Hajj and Omra trips according to distinctive programs and competitive prices

- Tourist transport for foreign groups .

- Member of the American Society for travel agencies (ASTA)

- Member of the International Union for Aviation transport (UFTAA)

- Member of the International Union for travel Agencies (IATA)

- Member of the Arab Union for Road transport (AULT)

the company operates 14 branches located in 10 governorates:- Cairo Qalyobeya - Dakahlya Sharkeya Damietta port said Ismaelia Suez North and South Sinai in addition to the fleet which covers the other governorates through joint operation

As well as 20 operation centers : Torgman Abboud Almaza the international station in Abbaseya Elmarg El matareya \ Cairo Mansoura El Matareya Dakahleya Menia Qamh Kafr Sakr Nowebei Tor Sinai Zagazeg port Said Ismaelia Suez Sharm EL Sheikh Arish Safaga in addition to other intra stations with lower level .

There are 4 central productive workshops : Nasr city Zagazeg Ismaelia Mansoura which serve the work of the company .


The company has ambitious plans for development with a view to achieve its aims among of which for example:-

1- Developing the fleet of buses and the continuing upgrading of vehicles in order to attain the highest performance and services as well be as diversifying services according to the citizens needs and incomes.

2- Development of work systems with a view to increasing performance efficiency through the following:- 2-1: Applying the advanced information systems . 2-2: covering all branches and central workshops with computers operated through integrated information network to support decision making .

3- Introducing the system of automatic booking in the operation centers of the governorates Cairo, Suez and south Sinai as a first stage to facilitate booking by passengers at any time and traveling from any where ; In Cairo governorates station ; Torgman , kollaly, Abbaud ,Almaza Tagnid , the international station in Abbaseya and El Matareya / Cairo In Suez : The main station and Elmothalath in South Sinai : Stations of Eltor and Sharm El sheikh ( back and forth for the line Cairo / Sharm) It is intended that such system will cover all stations as well as via Internet under the auspices of the Holding Company .

4- Upgrading stations and constructing new ones : the Company attaches great attention to up-grading stations , Constructing new ones as well as renovating the existing branches and garages with a the aim of reflecting the Civilized appearance of the Company and offering the best service and comfort for passengers .

5 The Company has a website on the internet (www.eastdeltatravel.com).

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